Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are always needed for a variety of different things! Some of them are listed below.  We also welcome responsible, caring, dedicated people to our foster program.  This can be short term (a couple days in emergent situations), or long term (weeks, or possibly a few months, until our animals get their forever homes, or we can bring them back into the shelter again).  This is entirely up to you.  You can foster dogs only, cats only or both!  We provide the food and vet care; you provide a stable home for our animal.  It's a great way to help our animals prepare for their life in a new forever home!  We also welcome new volunteers to join our Board of Directors, if you feel you'd like to be more involved with the administrative side of things.  So, lots to think about; contact us if interested in sharing your time with PAWS! 


   Dog Walking - We have several opportunities for dog walking available!  You can now walk 7 days a week, if you'd like!  Each morning, someone is there from 8-10 and each evening someone is there from 4-6.  We tend to have mostly medium to larger dogs, but occasionally we have smaller ones too, so you just need to check and see what we have available.  Dogs that have not had their shots are not eligible for walking, and there is a procedure in place for all dog walkers to know which dogs are eligible to be walked.  So come on in and check it out!  It's not only great exercise for the dogs, but a nice long walk is very therapeutic for us humans as well:)


    Cat Socializing - We'd love to have you come spend some time loving our fabulous felines - they need their special one-on-one time too!  All the cats that are out in the room are accessible by everyone, and they all love their attention!  We encourage playing, brushing, cuddling and loving our beautiful cats, but as you cat-lovers all know, it's all up to the cats as to what they will allow us humans to do with them :)


  Adoption Events - We have adoption events on occasion.  We always need help getting animals to and from, as well as helping at the events.  Mostly these are on Saturdays to accommodate the volunteers who work M-F, but we may work with other groups around town and coordinate a different day or evening. We are also looking at a few new places to have these events.  Why do we do this, you may wonder?  In short, we do all this for our animals!  We need to "be seen" for them to get adopted.  And our wonderful dogs and cats get away for a day to be loved on by lots of people!  Again, contact us if interested...we'd love to have you!