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Adoption Contract
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I/we, the undersigned, agree to abide by the following terms in adopting a pet through PAWS, in consideration of the sum starting at $150 for a dog and $75 for a cat.
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1. Description of animal Animal's Name
  Description (dog or cat)
  Has animal been sterilized at time of adoption? Yes    No
  * If no, please read and sign agreement on reverse side. *
2. I/We agree to:
a. provide proper food, shelter, constant supply of water and exercise
b. accept this pet as a household companion and keep it as such
c. not use a chain, rope, cable or kennel/run as the sole means of confinement
d. get the animal prompt medical care if sick or injured
e. not let it be used for any kind of lab/experimental work
f. keep identification on the animal at all times
g. notify PAWS at once if the animal dies or is lost or stolen
h. notify PAWS at once if I/we have to give up the animal
i. not to abandon or "dump" the animal
j. obey my community's laws pertaining to animals
k. hold PAWS harmless and defend them from any liability for any property or personal damage caused by my/our pet, understanding that PAWS makes no guarantee about the age, health, or temperament of this animal.
l. having received a medical record card, stating what medical attention my pet has received
m. NO REFUNDS of any kind. I/we have been offered the option to do a short term trial home visit, where a refund is available.
3. I/we will keep my/our pet's vaccinations and microchip information up-to-date.
4. I/we give PAWS permission to investigate the animal's well-being and its new home at any time, including the right to come onto my/our property.
5. Should PAWS find that this Contract has been violated after transfer of ownership, I/we grant PAWS the exclusive option to purchase the animal for $1.00. If PAWS chooses to exercise this option, I/we will surrender the animal peaceably and voluntarily to a PAWS representative and will give up any future claim to the animal or against PAWS. No advance notice is required in PAWS' exercise of this option.
Adopter Date
PAWS Representative Date
Sterilization Agreement
I am adopting an animal that has not yet been sterilized. I agree to have this surgery performed and provide written proof of completion by
Written proof will be in the form of a receipt from a veterinary clinic and can be mailed to PAWS, PO Box 135, Jefferson, Iowa 50129.
If I have the surgery performed by a veterinary clinic other than the Fairview Veterinary Clinic, I will be refunded --- upon providing written proof of completion.
  (dollar amount)
1. Sterilization of the animal is required pursuant to Iowa Code section 162.20.
2. Ownership of the dog or cat is conditional upon the satisfaction of the terms of the agreement.
3. Failure to satisfy the terms of the agreement constitutes a breach of contract, requiring the return of the dog or cat.
4. A person failing to satisfy the sterilization provisions of the agreement is guilty of a simple misdemeanor.
Adopter Date
PAWS Representative Date