PAWS, People for Animal Welfare Society, is a volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Our purpose is to promote the humane treatment of Greene County animals by providing humane education, helping with neglect/abuse calls as needed and providing a low income spay/neuter program for Greene County residents who meet the criteria. We also care for the animals at the Greene County Animal Shelter, which is a small shelter for lost and abandoned animals. We strive to find loving, permanent homes for these animals through our adoption program.
Happy Tails
***Winter Has Arrived***
Time for your back-up plan on where your pet will go in inclement weather.  Your pets are not to be kept out 24/7, especially in nasty weather conditions!  This includes rain, sleet, excessive wind and snow.  Have a nice safe place outside that will keep out the wind and moisture, whether it's a doghouse, shed, or garage that has bedding to keep them warm, as well as fresh food and water - and NOT a frozen bowl of ice!  If you do not have such a place available, try your basement, a porch, or best yet - bring them inside your nice warm house for a while - it's what they deserve!  For the inside-only pets, always be outside with them while they are out "doing their business", so you can monitor them.  Cats, small dogs and short-haired dogs need only be out for short amounts of time.  Also be aware of their pads on their feet.  Doggie boots and sweaters are a wonderful option for the active walkers!  Take some precautions, and your pet will have a safe, warm and happy winter!
Adopt - don't shop!